“Maximum Overdrive: Goblin Head Piece”
Includes (1) Goblin Head Piece with a C.O.A. from Hollywood Prop Collector.

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 ” Maximum Overdrive: Goblin Head Piece”

You will receive (1) piece of the Green Goblin head after restoration! There are a total of 235 pieces. Each piece is approx. 1/2″ X 1/2″ in size. Some pieces are skinner and longer but all are close to being the same amount.
After the head was painted I noticed that the top/back of the head was cut crooked where it was cut off of the hood so I cut it straight and that is where this piece came from. Most of the pieces are red but there are a few pieces that are black from the black band that goes around the head. The pieces available in this offer are only the red ones.
Each piece comes with a signed/numbered C.O.A. from Hollywood Prop Collector and would be perfect for framing with the piece!

(Please Note: The piece you receive will be different than the one shown above)
What is “The Goblin Project”?
In 1987 I bought the Green Goblin head that was used on the front of the Happy Toyz truck in Stephen King’s Maximum Overdrive.
In 2011 I started restoring it and finished up March 16, 2013. During restoration I called it “The Goblin Project” and the name stuck with it.
I travel across the USA and Canada to Horror and Comic cons sharing it with fans! We hope to see you at a con soon!


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