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In 1987 Tim Shockey purchased me in Wilmington North Carolina. He brought me back to southern Ohio where I sat on display in his video store (Uncle Jim’s Videoland). After he sold the video store I was put in his back yard where I sat for many years. His wife didn’t like me. She tried to give me away… even ran into me with a riding mower (by accident) and knocked off my left ear.
After that happened Tim moved me into his garage where I was finally out of the awful weather and away from riding mowers!
In 2011 Tim started working evenings and weekends restoring me. He worked many many hours on me building, sanding and pulling his hair out and finally on March 16, 2013 I was painted! The following weekend attended our first horror con at HorrorHound Weekend in Cincinnati, Ohio! After that weekend Tim bought me a new trailer to transport me around in. We attended over 10 shows that year! We have been to shows across the whole east coast from Maine to Florida and as far west as Chicago, IL. We also have attend 1 show in Canada as of now!
For our 2018 tour Tim has been working on a whole new display which should be spectacular!


2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Tim, and Da Head!
    Great that this piece of memorabilia was saved from destruction, when so many others were lost. I saw that you have small head-replicas, but by my calculations, they are a bit big for what I’m thinking of using it for – a 1/16 replica of the Happy Toys semi and trailer (or variation, perhaps a lowboy hauling the Cat D7 & M274 mule!) Have you thought of making replicas of the head in 1/16 scale?
    I’d suggest a 3D printed master, then making a negative mold so you can vacuum-cast the head in 6mil polycarbonate (normal thickness for sturdy RC vehicle bodies) and let the customer paint Da Head themselves, though you could offer painted ones for a higher price. When painted on the inside, the polycarb would protected the face from scrapes and naturally be glossy, and it would also be easier to light the eyes this way.
    Please let me know, I’ve had this project in mind for years… ever since I saw Max Overdrive & saw a Tamiya r/c semi.
    WhiteWolf McBride
    Ottawa, Canada

    1. Hello WhiteWolf,
      I am not sure of scale but I have a 5″ head that we will be releasing soon. Would this size work?

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